With our Central Monitoring Station, we will oversee all your monitoring needs. We offer an excellent way for you to safeguard your premises from crimes occurring.

Currently, we have more than 250 intruder alarm installers nationwide who utilise our security monitoring services who in turn are able to offer their clients competitive prices and secure business.

In short, we offer a quality service at very affordable prices. We will also apply an innovative approach to problem solving, to assist you and your staff to meet your business objectives in monitored security systems without compromise.

Our aim is to safeguard our future and the future of the trade by striving to provide a superior monitoring service to licensed installers at extremely competitive rates and building long term customer satisfaction.

We do not install security systems we are purely a Security Monitoring Station. Our focus is on our customer to provide them with the best, most up to date and cost-effective monitoring.

Provide Immediate Emergency Response
When an alarm system is activated, a signal is sent to the central monitoring station and the customers information automatically flashes on the screen. The method of signalling automatically informs the operator as to the nature of the alarm – Fire, Intruder, Personal Alarm for example.
In order to eliminate false alarms, the operator may telephone your premises and if an incorrect passcode is given or there is no answer it will be treated as an emergency. The operator will immediately act on your behalf notifying An Garda Síochána / Police, Keyholders and other relevant Emergency Services. The information in respect to the activation and subsequent actions taken are recorded on a real time basis and this information can be recalled at any time.

Provide 24/7 – 365 days a year monitoring.

No matter what type of alarm our customer has it will be constantly monitored. This is especially critical if your company works outside of regular business hours or is high risk of intrusion or theft. We cater for all needs and will put protocols in place should a customer need extra safeguards for example – Call Answering, Open/Close logs, Barriers/Gate Control.

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Ireland’s premier monitoring station which provides Security Monitoring Solutions
for Domestic, Commercial and Personal Alarms.

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Our primary goal is to provide excellent service
and products to all our customers.

We believe in working closely with our customers and are willing to adapt our services and products to meet our customers requirements. Our monitoring station is maintained to the highest level so we can provide an exceptional service.