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Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Intruder theft and criminal damage is a threat and cost to commercial and domestic premises. Monitoring systems can provide cost-effective protection and act as a deterrent to intruders while alerting staff and police. Many companies ignore the real cost of a break-in until it is too late. The theft of stock, hardware and increasingly data can be detrimental. Insurance may cover some of the losses, the disruption can mean delays, lost work and even lost customers.


Every morning our clients receive an email detailing any alarm activation that may have happened overnight. This is a useful tool for the installer who can then follow up with a call to the client to arrange a service call. This can also be used as a management tool to check staff open close times at premises.


Always looking to improve our security service to customers, at Alertline we continue to adapt to the pace of technological change and introduction of new signalling. In particular our unique layered protection design, involving perimeter protection and monitoring through tointruder alarms, has proved to be extremely effective in deterring intruders in the first place and providing a rapid response to a security incident.


Non monitored alarms are isolated, can be less reliable, more prone to error and therefore less likely to secure a police response without additional evidence to indicate the alarm is genuine. Alertline can provide cost effective monitoring of your customers alarm systems from traditional protocol to tailor made specialised systems compatible with industry certified automation software.