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CCTV Remote Monitoring / Static Guard

Alertline Security offers top of the line security services at competitive prices compared to traditional monitoring and security.
Alertline Security are informative and offer cost efficient monitoring services compared to static security guards. The cost for a security guard is expensive and physically cannot guarantee a round the clock secure premises, however with Alertline Security monitoring your premises you will have a security system that never sleeps and is always keeping you and your home/workplace safe. Every camera works individually ensuring your premises is safe from every angle 24 hours a day preventing crime before it can happen by issuing a live personalised audio warning to any intruders.

With customer consideration taken into account, Alertline Security provides a cheap, cost effective monitoring system for any premises for a fixed fee which can be paid on a weekly or annually basis.

How it works Alertline Security is a remote monitoring service designed to protect your property, assets and personal. Alertline Security cameras are installed on your premises and if an intruder is detected a live audio warning will be transmitted ensuring the intruder is stopped before a crime can take place.